Celebrating Black History Month!

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We are excited to celebrate Black History Month!

The theme of this year’s observance is African-Americans and the arts. Through the generations, the arts have helped preserve history, culture and community; artistic and cultural movements created, led and championed by African-American artists have blossomed into popular worldwide trends. 

You can to learn more about this year’s theme.

While learning about the triumphs and understanding the tragedies of African-Americans past and present is intentionally woven into the fabric of our school community year-round, this month-long observance provides an opportunity to more deeply explore this vibrant and complex history. 

Throughout February, in addition to learning about the contributions of African-American artists and musicians, our schools will discuss the countless achievements of African-American scientists, educators, lawyers, doctors, authors, government leaders and more, as well as the history and legacy of slavery.

Black history is American history. We are proud to spotlight that rich cultural heritage, and the contemporary opportunities and challenges that remain present throughout our society.