Group picture of the City School District of 91桃色 Board of Education

Meet the Board

All board members can receive postal mail at: 1 91桃色, 91桃色, NY 12207.

Photo of Board of Education members

Board of Education members

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Photo of Vickie Smith

Vickie Smith


Elected: November 2015; re-elected November 2016; re-elected May 2021

Term expires: 6/30/25

Committees: Agenda Setting, District Comprehensive Improvement Plan, Facilities (chair)

Anne Savage

Anne Savage

Vice President

Elected: November 2014; re-elected May 2019; re-elected May 2023

Term expires: 6/30/27

Committees: Agenda Setting, Policy, Government Relations (chair)

Photo of Sridar Chittur, Ph.D.

Elected: November 2016; re-elected May 2021

Term expires: 6/30/25

Committees: Agenda Setting, Goverment Relations, Policy (chair)

Photo of Hassan I. Elminyawi

Hassan I. Elminyawi

Board Member

Elected: June 2020 (appointed September 2019)

Term expires: 6/30/24

Committees: Facilities

Photo of Ellen Krejci

Ellen Krejci

Board Member

Elected: November 2015; re-elected May 2018 ; re-elected May 2022

Term expires: 6/30/26

Committees: Audit/Finance (chair), Calendar, Curriculum Coordinating, Policy, Wellness

Photo of Damarise Mann

Damarise Mann

Board Member

Elected: May 2018; re-elected May 2019; re-elected 2023

Term expires: 6/30/27 

Committees: Audit/Finance, Government Relations

Photo of Tabetha Wilson

Tabetha Wilson

Board Member

Elected: May 2018 (appointed September 2017); re-elected May 2022 

Term expires: 6/30/26

Committees: 91桃色 Fund for Education representative, Audit/Finance, Curriculum Coordinating, Facilities, Hall of Fame