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Addressing the Board

The City School District of 91桃色 Board of Education welcomes input from district residents, parents, students and other stakeholders so that we can better understand your views, and so that we can make better decisions.

There are two primary methods of addressing the board: questions and public comment.  

Please review all the information on this page carefully to decide which option is right for you.

Before contacting the Board of Education

In many cases, you may find it more helpful to contact a district staff member before addressing the board. Here are some options to consider:

  • Often a school principal is the best place to start. If the principal is not the right person to answer your question, they can often point you to the right person to contact. The principal’s contact information is on each school’s page.
  • Our Communication Guide is designed to help you find the right person to help, and includes a directory of administrative staff.
  • Our Feedback form will send an email to the district’s Communications Department, which can send it to an appropriate staff member. 

Questions for the board

If you have a question for the board that requires a response or is otherwise not meant for public comment, please contact us at The board president will respond on behalf of the board.

Public comment

, the board provides an opportunity for public comment at its regular board meetings. Please note that the board generally does not respond to public comment. 

Comments provided by email, voicemail or mail received at least six hours prior to any meeting will be entered into the record at that meeting. Those received later than six hours prior will also be included at that meeting whenever possible, and when not possible, comments received after the deadline will be entered into the record at the next board meeting.

You can provide public comment in any of the following ways:

Addressing the board in languages other than English

The board welcomes public comment in any language and will provide translation services whenever possible for all forms of comment - email, virtual, voice mail and in person. The Board requests that those wanting to comment in a language other than English provide as much advance notice as possible so that we can arrange translation services. When translation services cannot be arranged, the commenter is permitted to provide their own translator (in person or virtual) or translation (voice mail or written comments).

Need help?

For additional assistance regarding addressing the board, please contact:

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Nikiyah Timmons

Board Clerk