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Oliver has just spent three years studying architecture at the University of Cambridge. With interests in both architecture and graphics, as well as films, he hopes to pursue his interests into a career. 

A hardworking individual, he enjoys solving the problems presented when designing, be it at the beginning when discussing concepts with clients or nearer the end of the process when the finishing touches of the design make all the difference. 

Three years at Cambridge have allowed him to develop an ability to both cope and enjoy the stress of long hours and short deadlines, and he finds himself more productive when the deadlines are closer and a final product is needed. 

With extensive experience with the Adobe Suite, Autocad and Rhino, Oliver is always looking to better his skillset and improve his workflow. He is a quick learner, always looking for new challenges and new people to challenge him!

He is always open to new opportunities, so please get in contact with him!